Crimson Fusion

The key to a successful CRM solution is how well it is implemented to support the customer’s specific business objectives and staff operational practices. To achieve this, Crimson has developed its own implementation methodology known as Crimson Fusion. This follows a multi-phased “design & build” approach which results in modifications being made to core Crimson Dynamics CRM to achieve the closest possible fit with the organisation’s operational requirements.

The structured approach ensures that at each phase of the project all parties are engaged and have visibility on how the detailed customer requirements will be met by the solution. Crimson Fusion provides a framework to successfully deliver the CRM solution within budget, timescale and customer satisfaction levels.

implementation phasesCrimson Fusion would normally incorporate the following implementation phases:-


– an analysis of the detailed business processes which will be transacted in CRM to identify gaps that exist between generic CRM functionality and the customer requirement. This is detailed in a Fit/Gap Analysis document which includes an estimate of total development time required to provide the missing functionality.


– once signed off by the customer, the Fit/Gap Analysis provides the basis for the production of a Functional Design Document (FDD) which acts as the blueprint for the Development & Deployment phases of the implementation.


– involves making those changes as defined in the FDD to the core Crimson Dynamics CRM solution. This phase would also include the development of integration to other customer systems.


– includes the provision of the underlying technical platform and the installation of the developed Crimson solution. This phase also includes user acceptance testing and end-user training prior to the roll-out of the solution into a production/live environment.


– involves transitioning to live processing on the new solution and a formal hand over from implementation to Crimson Support and Account Management.