Business Continuity Plan keeps Crimson operating

Red alert weather warning in South Wales does not prevent Crimson from working as normal

Thursday 1st March (St. David’s Day):

The Met Office issued a Red Alert Warning for South Wales & West of England at lunchtime, with the likelihood of service disruption over the following 48 hours. With the safety of staff paramount, many organisations were suffering disruptions to their operational and support services as staff left early for the journey home.

Despite the blizzard conditions, Crimson was able to confirm to all its customers that it was continuing to work as normal thanks to its Business Continuity Plan. The Plan was put in place some 3 years ago and provides contingencies to ensure that the company can continue to operate in all adverse conditions and foreseeable disruptions – including bad weather.

Staff safety was not compromised as virtually all services can be maintained via remote working. So with staff safely back at their homes, key services such as operational Support to customers continues as normal.