Case Studies

What does Success look like?

Between June 2017 and May 2018 Crimson initiated 9 new CRM implementations in Higher Education.

This Case Study reflects on the many different motives for deploying CRM among this group of universities and how the flexibility of CRM, implemented by a knowledgeable supplier, can deliver a wide range of business benefits throughout the customer lifecycle.


Minimum Viable Product

Business process support is a key attribute for any IT solution, but should the solution be changed to fit the process or should processes adapt to a solution that delivers sector best-practice?

This Case Study examines this quandary and the associated costs and benefits by comparing the experience of two of Crimson’s customers, their initial approach and subsequent outcomes.


The Benefits of CRM

In the increasingly competitive world of HE, universities are working ever harder to attract students and achieve their recruitment targets.

This Case Study examines how CRM has provided the catalyst for success at 2 universities local to Crimson, by enabling staff to work smarter rather than just harder.