Crimson Dynamics for Not-for-Profit

achieve your specific organisational requirements with a stakeholder-centric focus

Crimson’s experience with a variety of not-for-profit organisations has enabled it to develop a range of appropriate functionality, delivered within an all-embracing CRM environment.

Fine tuning of Accelerator functionality, to suit each individual organisation’s operational requirements, is delivered by the Crimson Fusion implementation methodology.

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    …applies CRM functionality to your specific stakeholder management processes…

    Stakeholder Management -

    CRM is the ideal system to underpin the stakeholder management process, by providing all the essential tools for relationship tracking. The key is to harness this core functionality in a way that delivers the business benefits that not-for-profit organisations are looking to achieve. This will normally include member/supporter retention and expansion, effective ongoing engagement and communication and possibly some form of training, event management and even fundraising. The exact mix will vary between organisations, but Crimson’s experience with stakeholder management at numerous customers informs its ability to consult and implement with knowledge, utilising previously developed processes where relevant. The “design & build” approach encapsulated in the Crimson Fusion implementation methodology is thus informed by this domain knowledge to streamline the development process.

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    …tracks the potential from new and existing supporters / members…

    Business Development -

    In a not-for-profit environment, the recruitment of new members/supporters is often a business process which benefits from the application of CRM functionality. Dynamics C365 provides functionality to record enquiries received and progress these to more concrete opportunities and this can be used to support the nurturing and conversion of supporter potential. Crimson has a wide experience of implementing CRM in support of this key business process and of extending core CRM to cater for customer-specific requirements. It has even produced its own Business Development Accelerator which provides a range of custom features, processes and analytics which can form a more appropriate platform to fulfil the specific requirements of charitable organisations.

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    …communicate relevant messages to your segmented stakeholder groupings…

    Marketing Communications -

    For not-for-profit organisations regular stakeholder engagement is a key objective and this begins with effective marketing, requiring the ability to communicate with targeted cohorts regarding relevant products and services offered. This is a business application well served by core Dynamics 365 as marketing capability is integrated with the detailed stakeholder records. This core capability can be further enhanced by partner applications such as Dotmailer or Click Dimensions, both of which provide rich text email marketing and click-through analysis of email communications sent. Additional communication options are available using Microsoft Social Engagement and the Crimson SMS Accelerator.

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    …the complete event management package with integration to supporter/member records…

    Event Management -

    For many charitable organisations, events provide a significant part of supporter/member engagement activities and this Accelerator provides customised extensions to the standard Marketing module to improve event planning, publication and promotion and offer sophisticated delegate registration options. Multiple ticket types and pricing can be managed along with discounts and payments. Joining instructions, attendance tracking and feedback analysis complete the delegate management process. For each event, a full financial analysis of costs and viability is produced.

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    …supports the fundraising process from donor prospecting to income management…

    Fundraising -

    One of the key business functions performed by not-for-profit organisations and charities is the generation and management of income from its members, supporters and sponsors. Described collectively as fundraising this can involve the one-off generation of donations of various types and the collection of recurring subscriptions or pledges. With its customer-centric focus, CRM is the ideal system to manage these processes and with its extensive experience within charitable organisations, Crimson has developed its Fundraising Accelerator which provides a range of fundraising functionality not available within core Dynamics 365. The Accelerator provides a fundraising solution “out-of-the-box”, but this can also be configured and customised to suit individual organisational requirements.

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    …professional resolution of stakeholder service queries & issues…

    Case Management -

    Handling enquiries and resolving queries can be a core service provided to its stakeholders by any organisation. The ability to track and report back on the level and nature of this engagement can be beneficial when substantiating any fees or service charges made!  Dynamics 365 provides a Customer Service App in which the case record provides the basis for query logging and resolution. Crimson has substantial experience of leveraging and extending this to suit specific, service-orientated environments using the powerful process and reporting capabilities within core Dynamics 365 and its own domain knowledge of this and related sectors.

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    …24x7 on-line self-service capability from your website…

    Website Integration -

    Stakeholder self-service enhances the engagement experience with your organisation and this can be achieved with an interactive website integrated directly with relevant aspects of CRM. This is particularly appropriate for enquiry submission, service requests & follow-up and event promotion & registration. The Crimson Portal Accelerator delivers a technical framework within which the specific settings can be configured to facilitate website to CRM integration.

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    …target your customer using appropriate communication channels…

    SMS Integration -

    Using the most appropriate communication medium can be just as important as the message itself and this Accelerator enables connectivity directly between CRM and your chosen text messaging provider. Outgoing messages are created within CRM and delivered by your SMS service provider, with corresponding Activity records created against each customer record along with incoming responses if desired.

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    …enrich the CRM record with customer data from other business systems…

    Systems Integration -

    It is quite common for some essential customer data to reside in other business systems within an organisation and rather than re-key this into CRM it makes sense to have it automatically integrated. The Crimson Integration Connector provides a technical framework within which the precise integration settings can be configured to enable this automated process to take place.

  • …simplify your ability to comply with GDPR…

    GDPR -

    Complying with GDPR provides another compelling reason to implement a CRM system which is capable of helping you and your staff achieve this compliance. The current Crimson Dynamics CRM solution is built entirely on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which delivers industry-leading security measures and privacy policies to safeguard your data in the cloud. Alongside this, Crimson has introduced new functionality to greatly assist the ability to achieve GDPR compliance. This functionality is initially focused on providing the necessary tracking and audit records with respect to consent, data subject requests and breaches. It also includes capabilities for manipulating data held for the purposes of reporting, de-activating and deleting. Future releases will introduce additional Portal capabilities via which data subjects can exercise many of their rights themselves.