Crimson Dynamics for Business

…benefit from Crimson’s experience to achieve your custom CRM solution…

Crimson’s business Accelerators extend core Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement functionality to support a range of key business processes which benefit from being delivered within a customer-centric framework.

Fine tuning of Accelerator functionality, to suit each individual customer’s operational requirements, is delivered by the Crimson Fusion implementation methodology.

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    …delivers the central customer record essential to customer-centric processes…

    Customer Management -

    Of the 5 main benefits a successful CRM system will deliver, a single, central customer record provides the whole basis of a customer-centric business methodology. Crimson Dynamics provides effective records for existing and prospective customers at both organisational and individual level. It is within these core records that all supplier/customer interactions can be tracked providing a rich source of business intelligence surfaced via definable reports, charts and dashboard analyses.

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    …track, analyse & report on sales activity and potential…

    Sales Pipeline Management -

    For many businesses this is a logical extension to customer management providing a systematic approach to tracking enquiries and progressing these via a series of definable sales stages to ultimate fruition. The standard functionality can be enhanced by using the range of process and reporting capabilities provided within core CRM and Crimson has specific experience of doing this in a number of solution areas.

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    …the complete event management package with integration to customer records…

    Event Management -

    For many organisations, events are the primary form of promotional activity and this Accelerator provides customised extensions to the standard Marketing module to improve event planning, publication and promotion and offer sophisticated delegate registration options. Multiple ticket types and pricing can be managed along with discounts and payments. Joining instructions, attendance tracking and feedback analysis complete the delegate management process. For each event, a full financial analysis of costs and viability is produced.

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    …communicate relevant messages to your segmented customer groupings…

    Marketing Communications -

    For many organisations successful customer development begins with effective marketing, involving the targeting of likely customers with the relevant products/services based on each customer profile. This is a business application well served by core Dynamics 365 as marketing capability is integrated with detailed customer records. This core capability can be further enhanced by partner applications such as Dotmailer or Click Dimensions, both of which provide rich text email marketing and click-through analysis of email communications sent. Additional communication options are available using Microsoft Social Engagement and the Crimson SMS Accelerator.

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    …matches candidates with vacancies via definable recruitment processes…

    Vacancy Management -

    Based on the experience Crimson has gained from working with specialist recruitment agencies, this Accelerator can act either as a packaged recruitment solution in its own right or as the basis for additional custom development. As standard it delivers the essential vacancy and candidate records not found in generic CRM systems, along with the additional data and processes required to support the whole recruitment cycle from vacancy creation to fulfilment.

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    …supports the fundraising process from donor prospecting to income management…

    Fundraising -

    One of the key business functions performed by not-for-profit organisations and charities is the generation and management of income from its members, supporters and sponsors. Described collectively as fundraising this can involve the one-off generation of donations of various types and the collection of recurring subscriptions or pledges. With its customer-centric focus, CRM is the ideal system to manage these processes and with its extensive experience within charitable organisations, Crimson has developed its Fundraising Accelerator which provides a range of fundraising functionality not available within core Dynamics 365. The Accelerator provides a fundraising solution “out-of-the-box”, but this can also be configured and customised to suit individual organisational requirements.

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    …professional resolution of customer service queries & issues…

    Case Management -

    Resolving customer queries and achieving service level targets is another logical extension to customer management. The basis of case management is provided by the Dynamics 365 Customer Service App and Crimson has substantial experience of leveraging and extending this to suit specific service-orientated environments using the powerful process and reporting capabilities of the core system along with its own domain knowledge.

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    …24x7 on-line self-service capability from your website…

    Website Integration -

    Customer self-service enhances the engagement experience with your College and this can be achieved with interactive web forms or Portal capability which integrates directly with relevant aspects of CRM. This is particularly appropriate for enquiry submission, application management, support requests & follow-up and event promotion & registration. Crimson uses the integral portal capability provided with Dynamics 365 to deliver self-service functionality in all of these areas.

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    …target your customer using appropriate communication channels…

    SMS Integration -

    Using the most appropriate communication medium can be just as important as the message itself and this Accelerator enables connectivity directly between CRM and your chosen text messaging provider. Outgoing messages are created within CRM and delivered by your SMS service provider, with corresponding Activity records created against each customer record along with incoming responses if desired.

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    …enrich the CRM record with customer data from other business systems…

    Systems Integration -

    It is quite common for some essential customer data to reside in other business systems within an organisation and rather than re-key this into CRM it makes sense to have it automatically integrated. The Crimson Integration Connector provides a technical framework within which the precise integration settings can be configured to enable this automated process to take place.

  • …simplify your ability to comply with GDPR…

    GDPR -

    Complying with GDPR provides another compelling reason to implement a CRM system which is capable of helping you and your staff achieve this compliance. The current Crimson Dynamics CRM solution is built entirely on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which delivers industry-leading security measures and privacy policies to safeguard your data in the cloud. Alongside this, Crimson has introduced new functionality to greatly assist the ability to achieve GDPR compliance. This functionality is initially focused on providing the necessary tracking and audit records with respect to consent, data subject requests and breaches. It also includes capabilities for manipulating data held for the purposes of reporting, de-activating and deleting. Future releases will introduce additional Portal capabilities via which data subjects can exercise many of their rights themselves.