Crimson Dynamics for HE

…achieve your specific HE requirements “out-of-the-Crimson-box”…

Crimson’s presence and extensive experience within the higher education sector has enabled it to develop its range of education Accelerators which deliver “out-of-the-box”, sector-specific functionality for the operational areas of an institution where CRM can have most impact.

Fine tuning of Accelerator functionality, to suit each individual customer’s operational requirements, is delivered by the Crimson Fusion implementation methodology.

  • Group of students attending training course in a computer classroom
    …supports the student engagement process from enquiry to enrolment…

    Student Recruitment -

    Student Recruitment addresses the pre-enrolment stages of the student journey and delivers functionality not found in core Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to support the education-specific business processes involved. Beginning with enquiry management, this Accelerator provides an efficient and systematic way of recording and resolving incoming enquiries from all sources, with performance metrics available at team and individual staff level. Via integration to the student management system, enquiries are mapped to the individual student record and any corresponding open day attendance, applications and enrolments to provide a conversion analysis at individual and aggregate levels.

  • Teacher with a group of high school students in classroom
    …enhances relationship with & recruitment from feeder schools & colleges…

    Schools & Colleges Liaison -

    Institutions who engage with feeder schools and colleges as an active part of their student recruitment programme will benefit from the specific functionality provided by this Accelerator. As well as providing a modified organisation record to capture specific data about the school, integration with the EDUBASE database allows detailed school performance data to be imported as required. In order to track the effectiveness of time invested, each school visit conducted can be recorded along with students attending and subsequent enquiries received.

  • …streamline your application processing enhancing efficiency and customer experience…

    Admissions Management -

    This new Accelerator complements Student Recruitment by focusing solely on managing the application process from the twin perspectives of efficiency of operation and student experience. To achieve this, additional detail has been added to the application record in CRM, but the main change has been the development of a Portal interface which can be used by staff and students to perform all the tasks involved in the application process. Built using the core Microsoft Portal capability inherent within Dynamics 365, the applicant portal provides an intuitive and engaging interface between institution staff and applicants to progress applications from inception to conclusion.


  • People on conference
    …the complete open day and event management solution…

    Open Days & Event Management -

    This Accelerator provides a comprehensive event management solution to improve event planning, publication and promotion and offer sophisticated delegate management options including online registrations, availability levels and waiting list management. For paid events, multiple ticket types and pricing can be managed along with discounts and payments. For each event, a full financial analysis of costs and viability is produced. Joining instructions, attendance tracking – through QR and bar codes – and feedback analysis complete the event management process. Ongoing student engagement can also be tracked against such events producing comprehensive marketing and event effectiveness metrics.

  • Senior businessman helping his younger colleague with financial analysis
    …professional management & delivery of student support requirements…

    Student Welfare -

    The Student Welfare Accelerator provides rich functionality to manage and support the wide range of student services provided by most institutions using a full suite of customer service features including case management, knowledge management, customer insights, propensity modelling and resource scheduling to manage student appointments with a range of support staff. This Accelerator also addresses the specific requirements associated with disabled students and the staff who are involved in providing the additional support required. This begins with identification at enquiry stage and is based on the provision of a specific disabled student record which supplements the standard student data with that additionally needed to manage and support the disability requirements.

  • Mixed group business people in office
    …cultivating relationships with completed learners…

    Alumni & Fundraising -

    Whereas much of student engagement functionality is focused on the student lifecycle pre-enrolment and on-programme, alumni management is concerned with completed learners and the nurturing of this group to promote awareness of relating learning and to foster their continued association with the institution. This might range from the simple membership of the alumni community, involvement in post-graduate events, volunteer recruitment and donation management. This Accelerator is designed to help the institution cultivate lifelong relationships with learners and includes full management of donations and fundraising activities.

  • Mature businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner and colleagues in a modern office
    …fulfilling the training, learning & development needs of your alumni and business communities…

    Continuing Professional Development -

    Professionals across all sectors are aware of the importance of training & development and the need to enhance skills to stay effective in the workplace. Employers and universities are adopting a structured, practical and methodical approach to learning in order to retain key staff and develop the skills and knowledge in the organisation to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage. This Accelerator provides an underpinning business application to manage the approach to CPD training and learning.

  • Group of young people in training course
    …communicate relevant messages to your segmented customer groupings…

    Marketing Communications -

    For most institutions student and business engagement begins with effective marketing, involving the targeting of prospective learners and businesses with relevant study options based on their customer profile. Marketing also has a role throughout the admissions and sales cycles by nurturing interest by providing an outstanding customer experience.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an integrated marketing management solution for planning, execution, automation and analytics across all channels — digital, social, and traditional – to achieve all of this in the most efficient way.

  • A business team of three sitting in office and planning work
    …managing research opportunities & commercial business within the HE context…

    Business Development -

    This Accelerator builds on the standard commercial functionality of Dynamics 365 by providing a range of customisations which extend this to address the specific business practices found within the HE sector. Business Development staff who work with commercial organisations to identify post-graduate learning opportunities will benefit from the academic terminology and processes provided and the ability to link organisations, learners and study options together. In the research arena, the identification of potential funding streams, current research opportunities and associated bid management can all be tracked along with the related academic information.

  • Four business people during a meeting sitting around a table
    …addressing the student employability agenda…

    Employability -

    Increasingly, universities are being measured by the employability of their graduates and this aspect of student lifecycle management involves the profiling of candidates, identifying possible job vacancies and an automated matching process. Quasi recruitment processes can also help with matching students with potential job vacancies or placements along with addressing gaps in candidate attributes. None of this is provided by generic Dynamics 365 functionality and this Accelerator delivers the essential vacancy and candidate records along with the additional data and processes required to support the whole cycle from vacancy creation to fulfilment.

  • industrial programmer checking computerized machine status with laptop computer
    …enrich customer engagement with data from other business systems and sources…

    Integration -

    One of the key elements of a successful student lifecycle and business engagement solution in a HE institution is the ability to integrate data and solutions. In order to ensure the underlying Dynamics platform is stable and viable to support the enterprise requirements, integration should be achieved within a technical framework that is robust, auditable and based on supported Microsoft methodologies. Crimson provides integration solutions and services for a number of key functions including web forms, portals, student management system, SMS providers, postcode databases, online chat and Experian.

  • …simplify your ability to comply with GDPR…

    GDPR -

    Complying with GDPR provides another compelling reason to implement a CRM system which is capable of helping you and your staff achieve this compliance. The current Crimson Dynamics CRM solution is built entirely on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which delivers industry-leading security measures and privacy policies to safeguard your data in the cloud. Alongside this, Crimson has introduced new functionality to greatly assist the ability to achieve GDPR compliance. This functionality is initially focused on providing the necessary tracking and audit records with respect to consent, data subject requests and breaches. It also includes capabilities for manipulating data held for the purposes of reporting, de-activating and deleting. Future releases will introduce additional Portal capabilities via which data subjects can exercise many of their rights themselves.