Crimson uses innovation funding to push boundaries

Case Study

As an official Microsoft partner, Crimson had built a successful business around supporting its flagship customer relationship management software, building its own products that work in conjunction with the platform and implementing bespoke solutions for clients that required additional functionality.

Although the Dynamics 2013 upgrade presented challenges for businesses like Crimson, partner Gary Williams also saw it as an opportunity to develop a new suite of products that would help his clients in post-16 education to adapt to the challenges facing the sector. The business approached the Welsh Government’s innovation team and was supported in a successful application for funding under the EU-backed SMART CYMRU initiative. This enabled the business to engage in the development of some innovative new software solutions, while freeing other resources to ‘re-write’ some of its existing software.

“The innovation funding was vital in enabling Crimson to deliver a very bold, innovative response to the challenges presented by the evolving HE/FE environment. It helped us to take our knowledge of the post-16 education market and deliver a business strategy that has strengthened our off-the-shelf product range, at the same time as meeting many of our customers’ critical requirements.” said Gary Williams.