Durham’s applicant Portal is key driver for Crimson’s new Admissions Management Accelerator

Case Study

In 2014 a strategic-level review of admissions recommended that Durham University should optimise its admissions processes to safeguard the recruitment of the most able and suitable candidates and enhance the quality of the applicant experience. Subsequent tender processes resulted in the appointment of Crimson Consultants to lead on the implementation of a CRM solution to underpin the optimised processes.

The result, which went live on October 1st 2018 is a brand new admissions system, based on CRM and featuring an online, applicant Portal which provides a live interface between prospective, post-graduate students and admissions staff. LINK to Durham website

Running parallel with these events was Crimson’s own desire to extend its existing HE-focused, CRM solution into the admissions space in order to enhance the applicant experience, whilst streamlining the protracted and tedious processes that admissions staff often work with. As a result, Crimson has utilised its proven approach to developing sector best-practice functionality, to launch a brand new Admissions Management Accelerator.

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