Higher Education

…exceed your recruitment and retention targets by enhancing the student experience…

The changing HE landscape has encouraged universities to focus on the “student experience” to improve their recruitment and retention performance. CRM has a big part to play in this by enhancing the marketing, recruitment and student support capability across the institution.

Crimson Dynamics for HE delivers application-specific functionality to support the key areas of customer engagement within the sector.

For Student Lifecycle Management the engagement with the student begins with a coherent communications and marketing plan, manages the recruitment process, provides on-programme support and re-engagement for continual professional development and alumnus activities. Crimson’s Student-focused Accelerators provide specific functionality to support each stage of this lifecycle.

For Business Engagement and Innovation the recruitment of learners from the business community is a growth area as a direct result of commercially-oriented initiatives by HE institutions. Crimson’s Business-focused Accelerators provide the required functionality to support the professional engagement and management of the business processes in these key areas.