University of Derby shares its CRM success story

Case Study

Under the banner of CRM Implementation Approaches, University of Derby took to the stage at UCISA CISG-PCMG 18 to share its enterprise-wide, implementation approach with the sector.

The presentation commenced with James Leigh, CRM System Support & Development Manager, who set the scene at Derby by reviewing a previous unsuccessful CRM implementation project. The University used this experience positively to better understand what they would do differently next time. Top of this list was to choose a proven HE solution. Rather than a adopt a more cautious pilot, the University was committed to deliver an enterprise-wide CRM solution and commenced on a programme of works to do this in October 2017.

The story was taken up by Chrissie Felthouse, Senior IT Project Manager, who summarised the last 12 months, emphasizing how successful it has been to date and the fast pace at which the University is now adopting CRM. Chrissie attributed this, in large part, to the fact that the university had adopted a HE-specific solution, developed by Crimson Consultants.

James came back on stream to annotate the early successes and to say that over the next 6 months additional Crimson Accelerators will be implemented for event management, schools liaison, business development, email marketing, text messaging and social engagement.

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